Tips on managing ushers for Ugandan corporate Events

At every event, the first point of contact is the usher. They play a key role in first impressions. It is therefore very important for them to look fabulous, happy and eager to help. How then do you ensure that you have the very best working with you at your event?

Hire professionals

It is very tempting for events managers to call their friends to usher at events because it’s less cumbersome and it’s a cheap alternative as opposed to hiring ushers from an ushering agency. However, the problem with that is that friends are usually not trained well on how to handle a large number of guests or how ushers are supposed to behave at corporate events. In the long run, hiring friends as ushers has its repercussions. Here are some ushering agencies you can use to find trained ushers for your event.

Crystal models

Sketch agencies

Swanky events

New life Uganda ltd


Work with the client

Sometimes clients are very particular with the kind of ushers they need for their events. Some prefer light skinned girls, tall girls, plus size, young and the list goes on. To be on the safe side, when selecting ushers always involve the client. Let the client have the final say.

Be clear on expectations

Whether trained or not, you need to brief the ushers about the event, the client and what is expected of them. This helps them to anticipate situations at the event and handle them accordingly. For example if the event will end late and people will be drinking alcohol, guests may become difficult, and this affects the ushers. A proper brief prior to the event prepares them for such eventualities. It helps them know what to do to help the guests without losing their cool.


By: Annest Namata






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