How to keep guests entertained at an end of year staff party

Real time online engagement


Live tweets at events

Most people have smartphones today, which is why almost everyone you know has an online profile. At events, it is not uncommon to see guests fiddling with their phones every now and then. They are chatting and updating their online communities. Adding social media feeds to events for guests to interact makes it exciting, and with the right hashtag, it also creates mileage for your company.

Video clips

videoWe all know that some staff members hate staff parties and always try to find excuses leave early or not to attend. The truth is that no one leaves a great party early, so make it interesting. Ask each department to make a short video clip that will be shared at the event where the best video will be awarded. Play the video towards the end of the event to create anticipation. People love feedback and they will stay to see what others think about their video.



Karaoke at events

Music, music, music, we all love music don’t we? Singing is fun and very engaging. It brings about the participatory element to any party. Get a karaoke machine and take turns entertaining each other. Make it competitive by forming groups. Award the best group at the end of the party. This makes for a memorable event.



Event Bands and Music

You could also hire a band to entertain everyone. There is Code 9, Aroma or Qwela Band rated among the top bands in Uganda. The beauty about bands is that they know how to work the guests. You could spice things up by requesting them to sing a company jingle along side your staff.



Pablo, Ugandan Comedian

A good laugh, that’s what guests need to relax. We have a number of comedians these days that know the definition of jokes. There is Pablo, Ann Kansiime, theatre factory, the crackers and many more. Call up one of them in advance and request for tailor made jokes about your industry. Nothing beats originality when it comes to comedy.



Top Ugandan Artists

There are so many Uganda musicians to choose from. Having a seasoned musician at your event is exciting because for some, it is an opportunity to see their favourite musician up close.


Traditional groups, Q&A sessions, great DJ and MC

By Annest Namata


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