The Event: Officially Introducing Alliance One International in Uganda

On 12th February 2015, we had the unique opportunity of planning and managing an event to officially introduce our client Alliance One International in Uganda. Alliance One International is a leading independent global tobacco merchant company, servicing the world’s cigarette manufacturers. They purchase tobacco in over 45 countries and sell it to manufacturers in over 90 countries. You can image how important this event must have been for us at Terp Group.

It was the first event we were managing for them since signing them on as a client therefore everything had to be perfect. We were obviously very eager to impress them. So what did we do to make the event memorable?

The big Idea

Ideas stream faster when more than two heads are put together. We sat as a team and had a few brainstorms. Sometimes we agreed, sometimes we didn’t but at the end of it all, we had a brilliant idea to present to the client; giving out fruit trees to guests as gifts. This idea struck a chord with our client because Alliance one International as a company believes in sustainability and preserving the planet.

Tree Bag Tag

Tree Bag Tag

The décor

The event took place in a ballroom, which gave us the option to play around with lighting to create the right ambiance for the guests. To add a bit of colour in the room, we used three different chair cover colours.

The entertainment

Although it is not hard to find great entertainment for events in Uganda, sometimes the people you hire can disappoint you at the last minute. I say this because it happened to us, we had hired a comedian only to be told a day before the event that he would not be available. This though did not deter us, we found a replacement ASAP, (it’s good to always have a backup plan for such eventualities).

I am proud of how this event turned out because it made the client happy and that’s all that counts in events planning and management. “The client must be happy.”

Some pictures from the event

Unveiling Alliance One Logo

Unveiling the Alliance One Logo


Unveiling Logo 2

Unveiling the Alliance One Logo

By Annest Namata


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