How to select an MC for an event

The Master of ceremony can either make or ruin your event if not chosen wisely. With that said, how does one go about selecting the most suitable MC for an event? It should not be that hard if you take these few things into consideration.

Type of event

vs_seasons1Every event has its own type of MC. Weddings for instance would require an upbeat person, someone who can keep the guests hyped without necessarily taking away attention from the newly weds. A corporate event on the other hand would need a person who understands the crowd, and how they associate with each other. A person who can break the ice without being embarrassing. One who is cautious, intelligent and a quick thinker.

Age group

This is very important. Every age has someone they look up to, for instance the young, would prefer someone with a celebrity status, someone considered cool by their peers, the crazier the better. The older people however, don’t care whether the MC is famous or not, they expect a certain level of professionalism and intelligence from the MC.


Flavia Tumusiime and Roger Mugisha

Flavia Tumusiime and Roger Mugisha

Surprisingly this plays an interesting role in keeping guests attentive. Back in the day, only one MC would be enough for an event. Fast forward to the future, there is women emancipation and rights, you’ve got to keep both genders happy. Choosing a male and female MC is tricky simply because not every pair can create that perfect chemistry, some people just don’t click (avoid making that mistake). Talk to the MCs individually and ask them how they feel about working with each other. That way, you can gauge how they feel about each other and who they are most comfortable working with.

The employee MC

It is true that some companies have people who are natural born public speakers and others are on a cost-cutting drive. In such a case, the employee selected to act as the MC should be briefed by the events manager prior to the event. This will ensure unforeseen glitches or the impression that the event lacks proper coordination.

Some of the notable corporate event MCs in Uganda include, Crystal Newman, Seanice Kacungira, Dr Mitch Egwan, Maurice Mugisha, Flavia Tumisiime, Gaetano Kwaga, Roger Mugisha to mention but a few.

By Annest Namata


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